BetShah Sportsbook and Online Casino Review 2022

Sports are not something to sit and watch now. Online sportsbooks have taken it to the next level. People can actually use their skills and make their team win and get rewarded, and what can be more suitable than BetShah to enjoy such games? 

There are a lot of people who were once regular visitors to casinos. They loved indulging in various interesting games and exploring new horizons of gaming. These games are not like the video games we play on our computers. It is about a person-to-person encounter that is a lot more exciting than we think.

Grab upto Rs 1 Lakh Casino Welcome Bonus

Mark Jones

Mark Jones
Mark is a great online casino and sports betting expert. He has been doing this from last 5 years and has a great knowledge in this field. He joined us and did several online casino reviews.

Casino Ratings

Bonuses and Rewards 5/5
Payment Methods 4.5/5
Live Chat Support 4/5
Online Cricket Betting 4/5
Live Casino Games 4.5/5
User Experience 5/5
Bonuses Registration Bonuses, Welcome Bonuses
Trustability Trustable
Payments UPI, Paytm, PhonePe, GPay
Live Casino Games Available
Sports Betting Cricket, Soccer, Tennis etc.
Mobile Application Will be launched soon.


  1. It is a legal and licensed betting platform.
  2. Cryptocurrency is acceptable, along with several other currencies.
  3. Provides high-quality video games.
  4. High-value bonuses.
  5. Some Unique casino games are available only on BetShah India.


  1. Only available on desktops, mobile app will launch soon.

Have you wondered what miracle could have happened if we could mix these two qualities of online gaming and real-life casinos? Well, we actually did it! BetShah made it come true. The license is obtained from Curacao gaming authority to operate in India, which makes it one of the safest online casino in India.

The entire world is shifting towards a whole new style of living, and that is the new normal of spending as much time as you can in your home. The covid-19 pandemic has taught people to do all the things they used to do outdoors in the comfort of their homes.

But this comfort is not so comfortable for a longer period of time as we humans get bored easily, but BetShah sports and BetShah Casino have made it a never-ending enjoyable process. But the question arises how does BetShah actually work? You don’t need to worry, as this is what we will be discussing in this article.

Moreover, through the BetShah review, we will also go through every aspect of this platform so that you can make your gambling and sportsbook experience rich and satisfying. 

BetShah is an online platform that offers its users online betting, gaming, and gambling services. Moreover, it has also started its services for the Indian audience as well. 

Easy-to-use quality, bonuses, and easy deposit, and withdrawal process are what make it stand out and preferable to other gambling websites.

Moving forward, we will give you a close insight into how you can also start your legal gambling journey with BetShah. In addition, you will also get to learn some important facts about the games like minimum withdrawal limit at casinos, process of playing games etc. so that you wouldn’t face any inconvenience.  That being said, let’s start our BetShah sports and BetShah Casino Journey.

How can you complete your Registration at BetShah?

How to Get Started with BetShah Casino in India

The very first step of your online gambling journey is to go to the BetShah Website. There you will be able to see a plethora of games, casinos, live casinos, sports, virtual sports, etc. You can take a look at them one by one and see if you have the required skills to play those games or whether the games interest you or not.

There is no rocket science behind the games. You just need to understand it first before investing money in them. Even if you don’t have any gaming skills, that’s fine too. You can always go with the sports option. 

There are a variety of sports options to choose from. But before everything comes the BetShah registration process. Follow the below-mentioned steps to register to the BetShah website successfully.

BetShah Registration – Complete Step-by-Step Process

There are some simple steps mentioned in this BetShah review that you can follow to register at BetShah casino. These steps are easy to follow. You just need some basic information, and you are all set for the registration process.

Step 1 – As the first step, you have to click on the register button situated on the right-hand side corner of the BetShah website.

Step 2 – After you click on the button, a pop-up list will appear. You will be able to see the details on the list that are needed to be provided.

Step 3 –  You need to fill in information like your mobile number, the OTP that they will send, your email address, a strong password, and at last, the currency type of your country. 

Step 4 –  As the last step, you need to check the confirmation box that says that you are 18+ and are aware of the terms and conditions. Then you click the registered button.

 All Steps About BetShah Verification

The time it takes to be verified on BetShah varies from person to person. For some, it can take 2-3 hours, and for some, it takes more than 48 hours. The time difference happens due to several factors, like the person who is verifying it is sitting in some different country and others.

So, you need to be patient enough to enjoy gambling without any danger. It is for the users’ safety only.

What Bonuses does BetShah Offer to Indian Players?

Bonuses and Rewards

Who does not like bonuses and special offers? Unlike other online gambling platforms that have wagering requirements that are unrealistically high, BetShah live betting platform is far more convenient because it always thinks about the profit of the users and makes them stay on their platform as much as they can.

If you are an old customer, then also you are eligible for some exciting bonuses like Weekly Slot and live casino cashback. 

Plenty of Sportsbook Bonuses Available for Users

Those who have an interest in sports betting can also get several bonuses. BetShah online betting site includes all the major sports events that you can bet on and earn maximum profit. The first-time users will get a bonus of upto 2,500 rupees.

Different Casino Bonuses you Can Enjoy

BetShah casino is known for its amazing offers to new users. If anyone deposits for the first time at BetShah casino, he can get a bonus of upto 1 lakh rupees.

We hope that you have gathered fair knowledge about the bonuses available on the platform. But before that, one must know the tricks to deposit money. Any mistake can make you lose money and create further inconvenience. 

What deposit methods are available at BetShah?

Can I deposit in Indian currency at BetShah Casino

A lot of people who are interested in gambling avoid online gambling because they are worried that they will lose money in the transaction process or that the website they are playing on is a fraud.

All these concerns are 100% valid. No one would ever like to lose money without even playing. To overcome such problems, you need to make sure that you are playing on legal platforms like BetShah casino.

The platform is 100% reliable. Moreover, with these easy tricks, your deposit process will become super easy. So, without any further delay, let’s start with the process.

 Process and Payment Methods 

The payment process is super easy when it comes to this platform. The methods are suitable for all the countries this platform resides in. It is known for its fast and reliable payment process. 

The payment process becomes easy when you use something that is familiar to you. Using a foreign method that you have never used in your life might give birth to insecurity in you. Moreover, it can also increase the chances of committing mistakes which will ultimately disrupt the payment. 

Nevertheless, this platform provides you with a wide range of options that will make your payment process 100% convenient and smooth so that you can play without any worries.

Various Deposit Methods you can Use at BetShah

 Here is a list of payment methods that you can use while depositing money – 

All the methods mentioned above are convenient and trusted by a lot of users, but that doesn’t mean you will trust them blindly. If there is a payment method that you often use and have faith in, try to use that method only when you make your first deposit.

Information About making the First Deposit and Claiming a Bonus

As we have mentioned earlier, BetShah allows its first users to have bonuses on their first deposit. To read more about the bonuses available in sports and casinos, read the sportsbook and casino bonus section.

Now coming back to the main point of discussion. How can we claim our bonus? Well, a bonus is not something that you can claim out of nowhere. They come within a limited time, and you need to claim them within that time period only.

The time frame depends on the bonuses, but usually, they have 30 days validity. You need to claim them within 30 days. Otherwise, you might lose them.

What are the Payment Methods Available at BetShah?

Payment gateways are nothing but the apps or ways you use to make your payments. It can be a deposit or withdrawal, anything. The list that we have mentioned above is the most reliable option you can choose from to make your payments.

Those are trusted by a lot of users and also claimed to be safe. But after all, it depends on you! So with an option you are comfortable with.

What is the Withdrawal Process at BetShah? 

The most important and enjoyable part of online casinos is getting the money. We all love the part when we win a contest and finally receive the money in our bank account. But for some, this process might be confusing, and it might lead to some problems if they don’t know the rules.

If you know how to deposit an amount successfully, the withdrawal process at BetShah will be easy for you. The process is exactly the same. You just need to click on the withdrawal button instead of the deposit.

The methods you use during deposit are also the ones you use while withdrawing money. Do not forget that you will not receive it immediately. It takes time for your withdrawal request to get approved. Usually, it takes 24 hours

BetShah Website Review – Based on User Experience and Rating

Why should you play At BetShah Casino

When it comes to spending money, we never take a risk, right? So, when you are gambling, you will not go for something which is not valid. Something that has its proper website that can be used easily. 

Talking about BetShah’s website, it is just simply beautiful. In the world of technology, something which looks very good is not beautiful. Instead, something that is user-friendly, easy to use, and less chaotic is considered beautiful and preferable.

We would say something similar about this website as well. The entire website is well designed and divided into other smaller sections that will lead you to individual pages, which makes it less confusing and easy to use.

There are a total of 5 pages on the website. The homepage is where you get the overall idea of what the website is all about. From the home page only, you will be able to register.  

You will see the sportsbook, casino, and live casino games there. The next page is the Sports page. There are a variety of games you can choose from. All the matches are listed under the respective category. You just have to choose one and click on the book a bet button.

The other two pages, named casino and live casino, as the names suggest, are about some interesting casino games you can play.

You need to keep in mind that casinos and live casinos are completely different. Live casinos are nothing but the exact virtual representation of real casinos. You get to interact with real-life players and dealers. 

Does it have an Attractive Design?

Yes, The logo of BetShah itself is very attractive. As we have mentioned earlier, the design is simple, which ultimately makes it attractive and preferable to the majority of players. You don’t need to hassle to find anything on the website. Everything is divided into proper sections, which makes everything easy.

The website overall provides you with a real-life experience that has its own charm. The theme is white, which makes it easy to recognize the sections.

Moreover, any updates regarding live casinos or sportsbooks are visible on the home page as well.

Is it User Friendly?

If the design of the website is simple, it automatically becomes user-friendly. A website only becomes difficult to use when the design is not done properly, and the user finds it difficult to reach where he wants to.

If the pages take too much time to load or aren’t connected properly, then it might make him change his mind.

But in this case, we’ll not face any inconvenience. Your entire experience with the website will be good. Moreover, the deposit and withdrawal process is also easy and smooth. All you need to do is choose your game and play your heart out.

How Good is its Performance?

The performance depends on how many people are using it, how fluently the website runs, etc. The website is doing good in both cases.

It doesn’t take too much time to load. Everything on the website is well organized and is exactly in place.

The probability of committing mistakes is low. As we always say, you don’t need to be an expert to be a part of this platform. Just register, deposit, play games, and win amazing prizes.

Moreover, being a little bit careful will not harm anyone.

BetShah Live Casino and Sports Games

Sports Games and live casinos are everywhere. Even people who never played casinos in real life are learning and earning at the same time with these online casinos. BetShah online casino provides you with a variety of games that you can play live.

Always remember that live casinos are literally live. You get to play with other players and dealers. So make sure that your internet connection is strong enough because even if it glitches, the game doesn’t stop like other e-games. It goes on, and missing something can make you lose your deposit.

What Games are available to play at BetShah?

BetShah provides a wide range of sports games that you can play. As Indians, nobody can beat us when it comes to love for cricket. A lot of Indians are playing BetShah cricket and exploring their skills. 

Apart from BetShah cricket, there are also other games that you might like. Refer to the list mentioned below.

  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Handball
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Base Ball
  • Table Tennis
  • American Football
  • Aussie Rules
  • Darts
  • E- games
  • Boxing/MMA
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Futsal
  • Floorball
  • Kabaddi
  • Cycling

The list is long, so don’t stick to one and also explore other sports games as well.

What are the Casino Games available at BetShah?

Just like sports games, there are also a variety of casino games for you to play. To be more specific, all the games aren’t the same. Each of them is enriched with unique sub-categories that make you explore more. The games are mentioned below.

  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Jackpot
  • Classic Slots
  • Table Games
  • Tournaments

This is not the end. As we have told you before, each of these games has its sub-categories. For example, if you want to play poker, you need to choose from the sub-categories named double bonus poker, Oasis poker, etc.

Live Casino Games at BetShah

BetShah Live Casino has its own separate fan base. Apart from giving you real-life experience from the comfort of your home, it also provides games that are exceptionally interesting. The variety of them is what drives most of the customers. Here are a few of the games that you can play at the live casino – 

  • Rapid Roulette
  • Lightning Roulette
  • Monopoly Live
  • Gold Bar Roulette
  • Double Ball Roulette
  • Free Bet Blackjack
  • Infinite Blackjack
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Dream Catcher

Ways in which BetShah is an Out-of-the-Box Online Betting Platform

The word gambling and casino are often considered to be something negative or bad influence. But there is nothing wrong with it unless and until you are playing legally. BetShah live casino and sportsbook is a completely licensed platform following Gambling Laws and Regulations government. It makes it trustworthy and reliable.

Moreover, it has made the whole gambling process easy and fun by setting everything in place and creating an organized form of online gambling.

BetShah Customer Service – Honest Review

Customer Support Review

One of the most prominent reasons behind BetShah’s popularity is their friendly customer support. They have a live chat facility on their website that is quick and efficient. Or else you can also write them a mail at [email protected]

They will connect you to any of their agents who will help you with your queries. The BetShah mobile app will soon be available for iOS and Android devices.


Is BetShah India a Legit website to Place Sports & Casino Bets?

Yes, BetShah is a 100% legal website following all the guidelines. So you don’t need to worry about breaking the laws or playing illegally.

Is it Possible to bet on Cricket Matches via BetShah?

Yes it is available to bet on Cricket in India. You can bet on any of your favourite tournaments like IPL, World Cup , BBL, Champions Trophy, Asia Cup etc. 

Does BetShah have an official mobile app?

No, BetShah is soon going to launch an mobile app. It is not available officially now on stores. However you can bet on BetShah through mobile by using any browser.

Does BetShah Offer UPI Payments?

We already told you that BetShah’s popularity depends on its customer-friendly experience, and the most important part of this experience is payment methods. The platform accepts UPI, which makes it preferable to a lot of Indians.

What Documents are Necessary to Create an Account on BetShah?

You just need a phone number and email address to create an account.

Which Currencies are Acceptable at BetShah?

It accepts various currencies, including INR.