22Bet Withdrawal Process, Charges & Time Taken in India

Within a short span of time, 22Bet has proven to be one of the most preferred betting sites in India. That being the case, curiosity around various aspects related to 22Bet have increased manifold.

Accordingly, on this page, we share a wealth of information related to 22Bet, including the 22Bet withdrawal process, charges associated with it, as well as the time that it takes in India to withdraw your winnings on 22Bet.

22Bet Withdrawal Process

The withdrawal process on 22Bet is simple and straightforward. With just a click or two, you can be on your way to receiving your funds.

Firstly, 22Bet offers several different ways in which you can withdraw your winnings. Be it e-wallets, debit and credit cards, net banking, cryptocurrencies, and more, there is practically no dearth of options.

Further, it is also about the flexibility of platforms that you can use to withdraw your 22Bet winnings. Whether it is a desktop, laptop, or a tablet, you will not face any issues. Similarly, irrespective of whether you use a Windows or Mac machine, or an iOS or Android mobile device, the withdrawal process will remain just as smooth.

Overall, we are easily looking at upwards of 60 different options that you can deploy to withdraw your 22Bet winnings. This makes it particularly convenient for gamers like you who would prefer to have reasonable choice when it comes to the ways in which they gain access to their winning sums.

22Bet Withdrawal Options

Having given you a gist of the ease with which funds can be withdrawn on 22Bet, it is only appropriate that we specify some of the different ways in which you can do so.

  • Homegrown e-wallets like Paytm, PhonePe, Airtel Money, along with international ones like Skrill and Neteller.
  • Wire transfer via Net banking, using practically any of the plentiful banks in India.
  • Most common credit and debit cards.
  • Cryptocurrencies that not only include Bitcoin but also Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum.

Please bear in mind that here we are largely referring to the 22Bet withdrawal options in the context of India. Otherwise, at a global level, the withdrawal options on 22Bet in fact increase manifold.

Another important point that we would like to make at this juncture is the fact that irrespective of the method you choose from among the ones we have listed above, you will find the withdrawal experience to be pleasant.

We mention this because there are some gambling sites where overall satisfaction from the withdrawal experience largely depends on the method deployed to withdraw. In 22Bet’s case though, you will find yourself pleased with the withdrawal experience, irrespective of the way in which you go about doing so.

Having said that, they will always be a 22Bet withdrawal method or two that may be preferable over the other. We elaborate on that below.

Having tested out all the 22Bet withdrawal options, we affirm that e-wallets are perhaps the best way in which you can withdraw your funds from 22Bet. Of course, the overall difference per se is marginal but the very fact that you do have a certain preferential order makes things that much more satisfying.

You will perhaps appreciate our assertion best when we highlight some of the shortcomings associated with the other withdrawal methods. Remember that these are not inadequacies at 22Bet’s end. Rather, they are flaws of the methods themselves.

Wire Transfers via Net Banking

In case of wire transfers made via net banking, the primary challenge is the significant time it takes for money to arrive. Remember that this is particularly true in case of online casinos located outside of India; international wire transfers end up taking that much more time.

Some other possible challenges not causally related to the method itself is the possibility of inputting incorrect bank details, in addition to even the slightest likelihood of your bank details being compromised at any stage.

Credit and Debit Cards

With credit and debit cards too, the challenges as such are similar to the ones we mentioned above. For instance, withdrawals can end up taking sufficient time. You also must ensure that you enter your card details correctly. Yes, however remote, there is always the possibility of your card details getting compromised.

An additional shortcoming that applies beyond cards alone is the fact that most online gaming platforms – including 22Bet, process withdrawals to the same method used to deposit. So, if you used your cards to deposit but would prefer to withdraw on some other platform, that would prove to be a challenge.

Therefore, it is recommended that you think through the entire process right at the outset. Essentially, be prepared to largely use the same method both for deposits and withdrawals.


By and large, cryptocurrencies are an excellent way to withdraw your gaming earnings. Yet, especially in the Indian context, not a lot of Indian gamers have cryptocurrency accounts.

Further, given the significant value of common cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, even to get to winnings of one Bitcoin would genuinely prove to be a humongous effort.

22Bet Withdrawal Charges

There are no withdrawal charges per se associated with any of the methods used to withdraw funds from your 22Bet account.

As long as you fulfill the minimum withdrawal amount specifications (as per the method chosen for withdrawing), there will be no charges levied on your withdrawal request.

Time taken for 22Bet withdrawals

The time taken for processing 22Bet withdrawals is directly related to the methods used for withdrawing.

We have consistently experienced e-wallets to have the shortest time span between withdrawal requests placed and funds received, which is typically 15 minutes. The same is largely true for cryptocurrencies as well.

Wire transfers to bank accounts end up taking the maximum amount of time. Withdrawals made to credit or debit cards also end up taking some time.


Clearly, there is an absolute multitude of options at your disposal when it comes to withdrawal options on 22Bet.

In the context of all that we have discussed on this page, it unquestionably makes maximum sense to focus on e-wallets for your 22Bet withdrawal needs.

Having said that, you must always put your own requirements as indeed your overall situation over everything else. If, in case, a particular 22Bet withdrawal method suits your individual scenario better than any other, you should undoubtedly opt for it.

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