How to Withdraw Money from Betwinner?

Cyprus based Betwinner has quickly established itself as a betting site to reckon with. That is the reason, today you will find gamers from across the world making a beeline onto Betwinner.

And yes, Indian gamers are no exception! Having clearly seen for themselves all that Betwinner has to offer, Indian betters have been all over it in a really short time span.

Now, amidst all this, a common question on the minds of gamers on the platform is how to withdraw money from Betwinner. Accordingly, on this page, we provide you with all the details you need to know regarding how to withdraw money from Betwinner.

Use the Same Method to Withdraw as you Used to Deposit

While trying to understand how to withdraw money from Betwinner, an important tip or recommendation we would offer would be to use the same method to withdraw as you used to deposit into your Betwinner account.

So, for example, if you used your Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card to deposit into your Betwinner account, it is fervently recommended that you use the same method for your withdrawals. This rule of thumb applies in case of other methods that you may have used to deposit, like E-wallets or UPI systems, among others.

The key aspect to note here is the convenience attached to using the same method for both deposits and withdrawals. This convenience applies not only for you as the user but also the netbanking betting platform. The relevant team at Betwinner can quickly and easily credit your winnings to the account whose details are already with it.

Multiple Withdrawal Options

There is the possibility of using multiple options for placing deposits on Betwinner. If so, you can simply go ahead and withdraw to the respective deposit options. As an example, if you used e-wallets and cryptocurrency platforms respectively for your deposits, you could withdraw to these options as well.

Hassle Free Withdrawals on Betwinner

A distinct advantage of Betwinner is the hassle free withdrawals it offers.

Firstly, if we look at the minimum withdrawal amounts in common currencies such as the Euro or the Dollar, we are looking at as little as 1.50. In most other currencies too, you will find the minimum withdrawal amount to be the equivalent of this small number.

This makes it especially easy for gamers to withdraw their winnings since they do not have to wait, till they have accumulated a substantial sum.

Yet another factor that renders withdrawals on Betwinner absolutely hassle free is the fact that they are free of charge. Otherwise, as bewildering as it may seem, there are indeed gaming platforms out there that charge gamers for accessing the very money that they have earned!

Finally, in our quest to get a good understanding of how to withdraw money from Betwinner, a special mention is merited of the promptness with which withdrawals are processed on the platform. Depending on the withdrawal method, you can indeed look forward to receiving your funds in a matter of minutes!

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